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Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad

Albert, a retired engine is on display in a pavillion across from Millennium Force

Locale Cedar Point
Dates of operation 1963–
Track gauge Narrow gauge
Previous gauge Standard gauge
Length Over 2 miles

The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad is a narrow gauge passenger railroad at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.



The railroad originally opened in 1963 with construction starting in the Fall of 1962. The tracks and railroad cars were previously standard gauge before the line was refitted for narrow gauge equipment. The railroad runs on a 2 mile circuit around the park.[1] There are currently two stations, the Funway Station in Celebration Plaza and the Frontiertown Railroad Station in Frontier Town. Many track work has be done over the years to re-route the track but the most significant track work came in 2007 when the track by the Frontier Town station had to be re-done to navigate around Cedar Point's new coaster, Maverick.


There are currently three engines in operation on the railroad, #44 Judy K, #22 Myron H and #4 George R.[2] Judy K is used as the second train when there's a two-train operation. It was sold to Cedar Point in August 1968. Myron H is the main train engine. It was first brought to Cedar Point in 1963 but was retired in the late 1980s. It was then supposed to be restored and moved to Valleyfair in Minnesota but the plans changed and it was brought back to Cedar Point. George R was originally built in 1942, it is unknown when it was brought to Cedar Point.


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